Treating Panic Attacks Caused By Rat Phobias and Mice Phobias

Suffering With A Fear Of Rats And Mice?

Fear of Rats
Fear of Rats

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Do You Suffer From a Fear of Rats?

There are many reason we develop fears, and when it comes to being afraid of rat or mice it is the same principle. Our brain is trying to protect us from real danger.  Our brain has learned since infancy what to fear and what not to. We have been taught that mice can harbor disease, can inflict harm when they bite us, they can live in our walls, that they are dirty, that they carry diseases, and add to the list that they are classic horror movie icons that make us cringe.

What distinguishes someone who is may simply cringe at seeing or being around one (mice or rats), is a different response than someone who is completely repulsed to the point of not being able to function. This is a true rat phobia also know as musophobia (Greek for “mouse”)

A phobia is a very intense horrible feeling about something that an person cannot handle or cannot cope with.

It can cause emotional as well as physical problems that can turn into a full blown panic attack. Panic attacks are scary and once you have them your brain remembers the bad feelings “rats, mice or some other stessor” caused and it will try and protect you from the anxiety.

Rat Phobia/ Mice Phobia

You are not alone if you suffer from a rat phobia or mice phobia. Many people suffer from Musophobia, and it is usually is triggered by the sight of one, and the fear is very real to the person who suffers from a rat phobia or mouse phobia.  Symptom of panic can happen anywhere and any place where mice or rats are found. It could happen in a house, in a pet shop a business, or sometimes even while watching a show on the television where there are pictures of rats or mice.

Symptoms of Fear
If you find yourself feeling out of control, screaming, crying, moving to another room, climbing and trying to get up high and away from the animal, feeling short of breath, heart pounding, trembling, sweating, or even shaking. If you have one or more of these symptoms then it is a good idea to try and get help to treat your rat phobia-mice phobia.

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Treatments for Rat Phobia

Treatments can include medications prescribed by a doctor, but they are not a long term fix. The best treatment that has been found for phobias is to treat the root cause. The cause of phobias is usually some type of emotional trauma, and lies deep in the subconscious. To treat the rat phobia or mice phobia effectively requires that a person see a counselor, a hypnotherapist, a psychiatrist, a psychologist or even use self hypnosis which is very effective and the most cost effective.

Many people try self hypnosis MP3 for fear of rats or mice first because it is very inexpensive, but if you have health insurance that covers mental health that is a great place to start as well. The most important thing is to treat the phobia, so that each person can live their life happily and free of the intense fear that can take it over.

Who knows maybe you might even overcome your fear of rats, fear of mice, and get one for a pet. 🙂

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