Overcome Your Fear of the Hospitals or Hospital Phobia

Why We Have a Fear of the Hospital

Fear of Hospitals– Learn more about Self Hypnosis

Hospitals can be a source of relief for some individuals who are suffering from illnesses. In these modern times, people who are experiencing any physical discomforts will mostly turn to hospitals for help. This is because we believe that the hospital is the best place to seek treatment and cure for our illnesses. It is a place where doctors and medical equipment are housed in one building. There we can find shelter and all the necessary forms of help for any diseases that people are currently going through.
Unfortunately, there are those people who are afraid of hospitals. Instead of seeing the place as a source of comfort, relief and treatment, people with fear of hospitals feel and think just the opposite about hospitals.

Fear is Normal, and someone suffering from this type of fear is not crazy!

If you are the type of person who has this kind of fear, please know that you are not the only one. There are many people out there who are also suffering from the same type of fear. However, having a fear of hospital is sometimes triggered by another type of fear. Some of these fears may include the following:

Fear of doctors – This type of fear surfaces in an individual due to some negative experiences in the past. In some cases, people develop this fear of doctors because they used to be victims of medical negligence or malpractice. Others fear visiting a doctor because they see doctors as individuals who are emotionally unattached to their patients. There are also cases when the fear of doctor is caused by another type of fear such as fear of syringe.

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Fear of Doctors

Fear of needles – Some people perceive a syringe as something that is so terrifying. This fear stem from the thought of what this syringe can do to them. Others fear syringes because they know that when it is being injected something will happen to them physically. The effects of the medicine that is being injected into the patient may cause so much stress and anxiety to him.

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Fear of Needles

Fear of germs – This is another type of fear that could trigger the person’s fear of hospital. Some people are too afraid of the possibility of contracting a virus while inside the hospital walls. People with this kind of phobia may experience shaking, heart palpitation, and even crying when they see something dirty. The fear of germs is also triggered by the thought that some people near them are carriers of certain contagious diseases.

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Fear of Germs

How To Cope With Your Fears

The following are some of the ways to better cope with fear of hospitals and other fears associated with it:

1. Some people feel better once they were able to make a short tour around some areas in the hospital. Their familiarity of the place helps lessen their anxiety.

2. It is also helpful to meet in advance those doctors or nurses who will be tending to you. Meeting them in person prior to your scheduled examination or operation will do much to ease your anxiety and stress.

3. Make an effort to ask the doctor about some details of the procedures of your examination or operation. This will lessen your anxiety of the unknown and make you feel better.

4. You may also choose to bring with you some comfort items. You may bring your favorite pillow, teddy fear, CDs that contain your favorite movie and anything that can relieve you from much anxiety.

5. If your fear becomes so incapacitating it would be best to seek professional help. You may also consult a professional hypnotherapist, or cognitive therapist to help you cope with your fear of hospital.

An individual who is suffering from fear of hospital must find ways to cope with it. If you, your friend, or your loved ones is suffering from this type of fear, you may also be looking for ways to help them overcome their fear. Sometimes, people with fear of hospitals are not quite understood by their family or the people around them. This is because they view something ordinary as frightening even if it is perfectly normal for the majority of people. Something must be done to overcome this fear of hospital. Otherwise, the individual will have difficulty seeking for help and treatment for his or her illness.

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Ryan Rivera used to suffer from anxiety attacks for seven years. He now dedicates his life helping other anxiety sufferers through his writings. You can read more of his articles at Calm Clinic.

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