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Fear of Traveling Causing You Anxiety


Powerful & fearful emotions are the underlying cause of most peoples uneasiness when it comes having a fear of traveling… it can include fear of flying, fear of trains, fear of boats, a fear of Water, or a fear of driving.

You are not alone, millions of people put off traveling, and the enjoyment it can bring because of these types of overpowering fears.

Millions of people do it ….Traveling can be fun, exciting, creating lifelong friendships, or reconnect you with friends and family. It is a very popular hobby for many, and is very high up on most people’s to do list.

However, for many people a fear of traveling greatly restricts where they can go.
Do You Have A Fear Of Travel or Fear of Traveling?

Most fears have a medical name, and the fear of travel is no different. It is also known as Hodophobia. This is the morbid fear of using all forms of travel including but not limited to those below.
  1. For example, I am not afraid to drive a car, but I won’t be a passenger in one.
  2. I don’t mind small boats and jet skis, but I would not be caught on a massive cruise ship.
  3. I’d drive across country before I would ever get on an airplane.
The exact opposite could be true for you else but the bottom line is that overwhelming fear of a possible disaster invokes anxious thoughts and feelings leading to extreme anxiety no matter the form of travel.
Here are the 3 major methods of transportation that frighten some people?  Do They Frighten You?
PLANES-Fear of Flying

Flying is by far the most feared mode of travel.

  • Just being inside a plane can bring on panic. Many people have a fear of enclosure or claustrophobia, and just getting on a plane makes them feel trapped.
  • The what if’s start creeping in…..What if the there is some type of engine or part failure?
  • Throw in the fear of crashing
  • Add a dollop of fear of losing control, and you can bring on a full blown panic attack
The truth is flying is by far one of the safest ways to travel. If you look at the statistics, the odds are in your favor. The likely hood of you being in a commercial plane crash is minuscule, but for many the fears are still overwhelming enough they avoid flying.
TRAINS- Fear of Trains
You don’t hear much about trains, unless there is a crash on the news…that’ probably why people fear them, but statically they are safer than riding in a car.
BOATS- Fear of Boats or Fear of Water
  • What throws most people off when it comes to boats is their fear of water!
  • What is the boat goes down?
  • What if I am pulled under?
  • What if we run into something….
  • Many people are afraid of cruising because they invision the Titanic, but pleasure cruising is in fact a very fun & safe way to travel. Safety measures are in place, and the staff on ships are very well trained unlike the days of the Titanic.
AUTOMOBILES- Fear of Driving

There are millions of them on the road, cars that is, and they are probably the most dangerous of all three forms of transportation.   The statistics of car crashes every year can vary greatly, but when you crunch the numbers it’s still a pretty safe mode of transportation to get you where you need to go.


So What’s The Bottom Line?

Life offers no guarantees, most people die or are injured within a 10 mile radius of their home. So basically you could be injured just walking out your front door to get the newspaper, crossing a street, or retrieving your mail.
When you look at it that way, traveling away from home maybe a safer bet after all.  I know how difficult it is to let go of the and fear and anxiety controlling your life, but if you  add up all the risks you take from cooking, cleaning, gardening, shopping, or even taking public transportation and you will see that that you can’t hide away or erase all dangerous things in your life. There can be great benefits to traveling, and there are some pretty amazing things to see around the world. So, if you’re ready to see your grandkids, go to a class reunion, or delight in a dream vacation, then now is the time to let your fears go. Don’t let them stop you from seeing the things you’ve always dreamed of.
A Useful Treatment Option For you:
Hypnosis can help you to overcome your fears quickly and easily in the comfort of your own home….NO TRAVEL REQUIRED….sorry had to get that in there  : )
Hypnosis can help you become a relaxed and happy traveler. You can feel much more relaxed about life in general, and the prospect of travel will be something to look forward to not dread! Life is a wonderful experience, don’t miss out on one of the highlights!
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