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Learn How To Overcome Fear of Failure & Succeed!


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Are Your Fears Holding You Back? …. Paralyzing You?

First, I want to start by saying congratulation on moving in a positive direction, and having the desire to overcome your fear of failure. I know that it’s not easy. If I could look you in the eyes, and take your hand, then you would see that you are not alone; your struggles are worth the effort it takes to overcome them.

You are definitely not alone. Every man, woman, child deals with some type of fear every day, but the problem ramps up when you let your fear create obstacles that block your path. This can make it difficult, if not impossible, for you to find a way around them, and creates an endless cycle of failure, and frustration.

Learning how to shut off the “fear mechanism”, which make your fear of failure seemed more pronounced, can be a little tricky; however it can be done regardless of your particular situation.

It’s true! You can overcome fear of failure or your fear of success, if you have the courage to take a few simple steps. Facing your fears is the easy part, letting them go is the hard part!

When a Fear Turns Into a Phobia- Fear of Failure Phobia

Having fear in life is perfectly normal, but when your fears control or alter your everyday living they have turned the corner, becoming a phobia, and they need to be dealt with. A phobia involving a fear of failure is known as Atychiphobia, by the medical profession, but most people simply say that they have a fear of failing, or being successful.

If you are having this type of phobia it can undermine your life, making it more difficult to be productive, or feel successful. It can prevent you from achieving your full potential, living your lifelong dreams, and in some instances prevent you from trying at all. It can leave you feeling alone, worthless, and frustrated trying to deal with all the pressure, and the fear.

You may be one of the many people who suffer from an overwhelming fear of failure that is so great that your life is incapacitated. It can be so drastic that you discover that you have virtually stopped living a normal life…avoiding new situations and experiences, passing up job opportunities….you may have even cut  yourself off from friends, family, and even from enjoying life because you fear the unknown.


Learn To Turn Off the Fear of Failure

The answer to the question..How to overcome fear of failure? Is learning to turn it off. You need to learn to turn off the panic, the anxiety, and the voice in your head that is constantly telling you that anything you attempt will end in disaster, or you are not good enough.


Medical professionals have determined that phobias develop because of a traumatic experience early in life. You may not even remember the specific event, but at some point in your life you experienced a major embarrassment, were chastised by an adult authority figure, ridiculed by peers or adult figures, or targeted in a way that made you feel like a failure or not good enough. It could have come from a parent, sibling, teacher, coach, students, or even a complete stranger.


This traumatic incident created a fear so great that it has left a stamp on your subconscious that keeps telling you over and over again you that you will fail if you try, so why try at all.


I know it’s not easy to face your fears, but every day you spend feeling like a failure, unhappy, disgruntled, less than whole is a day you miss out on having a wonderfully satisfying life. It’s up to you to take the steps needed to get a treatment that will work for you


Treatments for this type of fear can include:
·        Hypnosis- Self- help
·         Counseling
·         Psychoanalytic therapies
·         Cognitive-behavioral techniques
·         Assertiveness Training


Why Hypnosis Works For Fear Of Failure Phobia?

Hypnosis is a treatment option that works at the very core of your fear where it lives in your brain.  It will help you be more compassionate towards yourself, help you let the fear go, and look forward to the pleasure of new challenges. It is a natural way to help you change the way you approach success & failure, and make it more fun and much less intimidating or frightening.

You will overcome the negative thoughts and fears that are holding you back, and help you face your fears: confronting them in a way that is not threatening in anyway. You can be living the life you yearn for, and it can make your life richer and happier.

It’s exhausting paddling in one place for too long, so if you are tired of letting your fears control your life, then you are ready to take the steps needed to overcome your fear of failure.

It’s Simple, Trust Yourself…Believe In Yourself….You Have Everything to Gain & Nothing to lose

It simple and easy, I know you are ready to move on. Pat yourself on the back, you are here now to face your fears, so let’s do it…..Simply click the links below!   **Read Testimonials for the Overcoming Fear of Failure Hypnosis