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Understanding Your Fear of Crowds Phobia


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Fear of Crowds

Fear of Loud Noises

The fear of crowd’s can be a debilitating problem for many people, and you are not alone if you suffer from this type of phobia also known Enochlophobiaor or Ochlophobia which is an extreme fear of crowded places.
If you have had to alter your life because of your fear of crowds or crowed places then you should think seriously about the treatments offered here to treat your fear of crowds.

Wouldn’t it be great if you did not have to go out of your way to avoid places like the mall, a movie theater, or a grocery store?

It may seem like a dream, but being able to go about your everyday life without anxiety is possible. Going to work,  to the grocery store, the post office, school, or taking public transportation does not have to be a stressful & traumatic experience.

 What is the Causes Fear of Crowds or Crowed Places?

It is a fairly common phobia that is said to have its beginnings in a past traumatic event that you might have experienced at some point in your life. Perhaps you were in a large crowd or a huge mass of people when a distressing incident occurred such as getting lost, knocked down, physically hurt, or perhaps robbed; which lead to your feelings of extreme anxiety.

You may fear crowds because:

  • You fear you could contract deadly virus
  • You fear being trampled to death
  • You fear getting lost
  • You feel that you are small, and don’t matter when surrounded by a crowd of people.
  • You may hate crowded placed because you have feelings like they are being watched
  • You feel like others are judging you
  • You fear that you will to something to embarrass yourself.

There is no one cause or trigger that can be associated with this type of phobia. Over 60% of people who experience a fear of crowds or a fear of crowded places does not remember or know what the exact cause of their fear.


Physical Symptoms That Increase Anxiety

If you suffer from this type of phobia you may also feel as if you cannot escape from the crowded area when you need to. Sounds may be louder than normal to you, and it may seem to you that everyone around you is talking at once. You may also have the feeling that your world is closing in on you, and that people are invading your personal space. The most difficult part of this type of phobia is the physical symptoms; similar to a panic, they may set off physical feelings that you have trouble controlling.

Once the physical symptoms start all you want to do is get out of the crowd any way that you can. Here are a few symptoms you may be experiencing, but rest assured that they are treatable.

  • Do you get the shakes, or have chest pain?
  • Do you feel queasy, sick to your stomach or vomit?
  • Does your mouth go dry?
  • Do your head spin, or do you feel light-headed?
  • Do you feel hot, sweaty or red faced?
  • Do you feel a sense of unreality or dreamlike sensations?
  • Do you feel like you need to escape, and you are losing control?
  • Do you feel short of breathe?

Learn how you can treat these fearful symptoms, and other you may experience without drugs. Overcome Fear of Crowds Now!



Is This A Social Anxiety?

Having a fear of crowds is a form of anxiety, and it is treatable. It is easy to get down on yourself because you are feeling trapped and you want to live a normal life, but you do not need to beat yourself up, and shut yourself away.

Effective Treatment Option:

Hypnosis for fear of crowds works!

Hypnosis has been proven to help with phobias. It has a very high success rate as it treats your sub consciousness where your deep fears are hidden away.  It helps replace your fearful thoughts with pleasant thoughts, and does not require expensive mediation that comes with dangerous side effects.

Your anxiety is treatable, and with treatment you will be able to go about your life normally and happily. You do not need to go to great lengths to avoid crowds, or crowed places there is a light at the end of the tunnel you just have to be willing to put a little effort in and you will reap great rewards. Believe in yourself, and get over your irrational fear …start today.

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