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Generalized Anxiety Disorder:

Understanding The Symptoms And How To Care With It


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Excessive and unrelenting worrying that can be both repetitive and disruptive. This is the simplest definition for generalized anxiety disorder, a psychological problem that affects millions of people worldwide. Although encountered in all group ages, generalized anxiety disorder usually appears between twenty and thirty years of age.

There are very many teenagers and children affected by this illness as well. A relevant aspect here is that generalized anxiety disorder does not start abruptly in older age, it normally progresses from less serious forms until it reaches maximum intensity. Regular worries don’t represent symptoms of this disorder as they are part of normal daily life.

People who suffer from generalized anxiety disorder usually lead normal lives, but they are full of exaggerated tension and dread all the time even when there is nothing to cause their worrying. Nevertheless, the intensity of the psychological and physiological symptoms could disrupt normal tasks specific to work and household activities. Drugs are often prescribed for symptom management, but there are many forms of treatment aiming at generalized anxiety disorder. If you rely only on medication, chances are that you’ll suffer from side effects and when you discontinue the treatment the panic attacks will start all over again.

Psychotherapy should improve the condition of a patient’s generalized anxiety disorder, but he or she should be fully committed to the treatment. Therapy, regardless of its nature, should teach people how to eliminate bad thoughts, self-soothe and, thus, no longer keep the constant tension in their bodies and minds. Meditation, breathing techniques, positive thinking, hobbies, yoga, neuro-linguistic programing and so reduce the level of anxiety if practice correctly and steadily. It is also worth mentioning the fact that the symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder are more intense during certain moments of the day or on some days of the week.

People suffering from generalized anxiety disorder have all the chances of recovery if the right treatment or approach to the ailment is taken. However, the vicious circle cannot be broken for years sometimes, either because therapy is incorrectly chosen or because they cannot put into practice the techniques they learn in therapy sessions. Therefore, personal factors such as determination, self-awareness, perseverance in finding a treatment will significantly contribute to the mental health condition.


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