How To Overcome Fear of Crossing Bridges or Gephyrophobia

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Fear Of Crossing Bridges

Overcome Fear of Crossing Bridges or Gephyrophobia

Learn how MP3 Downloads can help with your fears.

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Fear Of Crossing Bridges


Do you have a fear of crossing bridges?

Is it impacting your life negatively?

There is not one single cause that can be targeted as the cause of phobias, or fears. They can crop up anytime in your childhood or later adult years. What triggers one person may not trigger another person.

If you have a fear of crossing bridges you may also struggle with;

  • A Fear of Heights
  • A Fear That the Bridge Might Collapse
  • A Fear of Drowning if the Bridge Collapsed
  • A Fear of Not Being Able To Control Your Car on the Bridge
  • Fear That the Bridge is Too Narrow or Too Wide
  • Or A Number of Other Triggers That Can Set Off Your Fear of Crossing the Bridge

So, while it is true that some who experience this type of fear can also struggle with a fear of heights, in reality Gephyrophobia (pronounced JEFF-ri-o-FO-bia) can have many triggers that create a sensation of needing to protect oneself from impending doom or harm.

Reactions to Having To Cross a Bridge

  • “I don’t really feel like the bridge will collapse. I am afraid of the size and the daunting size of some bridges that scares me. I have trouble breathing, and my heart rate speeds up until my chest feels like its vibrating. It’s awful and very annoying at the same time because I have to go out of my way in some cases just to avoid them.
  • ””My fear of crossing bridges is related to a fear of heights (acrophobia), but the fear of bridges is much worse than my fear of heights.”
  • “I think I am going crazy; I had been driving over the Bridge for years without any problems, and then one day it just hit me, and I began to panic. Now, I’m afraid if I drive on the bridge and have a panic attack I will just stop in the middle of the road frozen.”


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Get Over Your Fear of Crossing Bridges

If you can relate to the above thoughts, and you too are experiencing undue anxiety even though you understand that your fear is unfounded and that a bridge is not really a potential death trap, then you are ready to take the next step and treat your phobia. Don’t worry it will be painless, and you will be so much more emotionally healthy. Everyone wants that right?

Treatment For Fear Of Crossing Bridges

The first objective is to identify and to affirm that you are not in any imminent danger, and that your feelings of anxiety can be controlled. Your anxiety and feeling are extremely uncomfortable and problematic but, they are a learned behavior. To overcome your phobia of crossing bridges you need to unlearn this behavior.

Luckily, hypnosis for phobias can help your retrain your brain to unlearn this behavior and replace your fears with rational thoughts that do not cause you anxiety and stress every time you have to cross over a bridge. Hypnosis helps you remove the negative thinking that tricks your mind into seeing the massive size, construction, or height of a bridge, as dangerous. It helps you retrain your brain, and remove the “panic button” that it hits every time you need to cross over a bridge. So, unless you really like your brain hitting the “panic button” open your mind to the possibly of gaining control over this fear that is crippling you, and affecting your life!

Treatment using hypnosis is a simple process of listening to a hypnosis MP3 download or CD. It can be done easily in your spare time. If you are ready to overcome your phobia, and enjoy once again the freedom of driving or, commuting without feeling terrified then why not learn more about your fear of crossing bridges. You are not alone, this fear affects many people.

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