Fear Of Dogs- Learn How To Overcome Dog Phobia Known As Cynophobia

Overcome cynophobia (Fear Of Dogs)

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Being terrified of a dog of any size is called cynophobia, and it is one of the more common fears or phobias that people experience. The symptoms can range from feeling tense and frightened when you see or are near a dog, to experiencing a full blown panic attack.

A fear of dogs can develop because of:

  1. A bad experience – Perhaps had a traumatic experience such as being; attacked or bitten.
  2. Conditioned to Be Fearful- We can become conditioned or trained to be afraid of dogs if we have a parent or sibling that is fearful. In our childhood, adults often tell us what is safe and what isn’t safe, and if they tell us that we should be fearful of dogs is possible that we may become fearful as a result.


Is Being Scared of Dogs Normal?

Yes, having some fear of dogs’ especially large ones is normal, as it is an innate instinct for survival. However, we might have also learned from experience, and most of us know that dogs can be potentially dangerous; approaching an unfamiliar dog without using some care is not advised. The problem occurs when your fear of dogs becomes excessive, then it has developed into a phobia that is called cynophobia, and phobias are not healthy.


Setting Your Dog Phobia Free

Are you tired of your dog phobia holding you back making you fearful when you take a walk, visit friends, or possibly even preventing you from a job opportunity such as a postal job, social work, or networking?

Are you making your children fearful too? Setting them up for years of fearful experiences when they encounter a dog.

If you have come to a point in your life where avoiding dogs has become overly difficult; it is affecting your activities, your life, and or relationships it may be time to lose the fear and really live life fully. If you are at this point in your life, and you want to move past your fear, then you may want to consider hypnosis therapy to overcome your fear of dogs.

Hypnosis is a great treatment option that has been used successfully to treat many phobias, and it does it in a way that does not require medication or expensive devices. Hypnosis helps to retrain your subconscious that sees dogs as a threat that causes you extreme anxiety and tension. With fear of dog’s hypnosis, you will learn how to let the fear go, and basically deactivate the fearful thoughts. How great would that be?  Really great right?

Well, there is no reason why you need to experience the frightening episodes of cynophobia any longer. If you are ready to let go of your fear of dogs that is holding your life hostage in one form or another, and get your life on a courageous track where it is not ruled by fear, than take the time to get more information on hypnosis for fear of dogs by clicking here now:

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Be fear free, It feels really good!

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