Learn How to Stop Biting Your Nails – Break Your Nail Biting Habit

Stop Biting my Nails
How To Stop Biting Nails

Learn How to Stop Biting Your Nails

Kick Your Nail Biting Habit And Stop Nail Biting Now!

Nail Biting Habit is a touchy subject for many people such as you who are struggling with how to stop nail biting, or picking the skin around the nail.

Nail biting and compulsive skin picking (also known as onychophagia) can be more than a bad habit. You can become physically ill from putting your fingers in your mouth, and chewing your nails after touching objects that are inundated with viruses and germs. Aside from subjecting yourself to many viruses and germs it can also play havoc with your self esteem as well.

How Do I Know If I Have A Nail Biting Problem and or Nail Biting Anxiety?

There are two components to this questions first is an emotional factor, and the other is physical. If you answer

  1. Do you feel ashamed and socially embarrassed and experience that an out-of-control feelings at times because of your nail biting habit. Do you question why you just can’t stop?
  2. Are you someone who cannot ignore the little bits of rough nail or cuticle that everyone picks at or bites from time to time, but continually bite your nails past the nail bed and cuticles until they are sore, red, bleed, throbbing, and sometimes infected?

If you answered yes to one or both of these questions than you are probably suffering with a nail biting problem, and ought to consider your options and learn how to stop nail biting.

Symptoms of Nail Biting & Compulsive Skin Picking

  • Chewing, biting or gnawing at your nails or cuticles while in a trance like state, and not really thinking about what you are doing while performing an activity such as talking on the phone, reading, working at the computer, watching TV, etc.
  • Deliberately picking or biting as a key part of your day where you will frequently interrupt other activities to engage in it

These are the most common symptom of nail biting as a compulsion or habit, and if you have them you should consider learning how to kick your nail biting habit.

Causes of Nail Biting

Often a nail biting pattern or habit developed in your childhood. Research data has shown that more males are apt to have a nail biting habit than females.

Nail biting is often times dismissed as a nuisance, but nail biting or onychopagia is one on the most common ways people cope with stress, and as stated earlier it can affect both your physical and emotional health.

Nail biting, chewing and picking at its most basic level satisfies an urge. Most men, women and children report an almost uncontrollable feeling or need to do it?  The sensation of biting, picking, and pulling in some way delivers a pleasurable or relaxed sensation, and when you are feeling stressed this type of habit can be in an odd way have a soothing effect on your nervous systems, and has a calming effect. In contrast, when you are bored it can provide your nervous system with a needed level of stimulation. So in simple terms this means that when your brain is happy, relaxed or stimulated in a way it finds pleasurable, it is hard to stop. Even if you find it to be an ugly habit that you dislike, and are frustrated with, it simply “feels good” at the time, and you don’t care that later your fingers will be red, bleeding or throbbing with pain.

Dangers of a Nail Biting Habit

Think about it? You use your hands for just about everything. Despite washing your hands frequently, they get dirty very quickly; actually the moment you dry them off.  Another fact is that your fingernails are almost twice as soiled as your fingers are, and keeping them free of germs and bacteria underneath is almost impossible.

Your nail biting habit can lead to medical problems, because if you have the habit of putting your hands in your mouths involuntarily, then you are ingesting lots, and lots of germs on a regular basis. You are also more susceptible to yeast infections, and other oral diseases of the mouth such as gingivitis, and you can do permanent damage to your nails and fingers.

Nail biters often develop the additional habit of chewing pieces of skin around the nails, resulting in fingers that can throb with pain, and remain sore for days on end as well as possible infection.

Learn How to Stop This Unhealthy Habit?

How to Stop Nail Biting

If you are frustrated by your nail biting you are not alone. Many men, women and children who want to stop the habit of nail biting feel powerless to stop the unconscious habit, and so they will go to such lengths as to coat their nails with bitter substances to prevent them from biting, but his rarely works.

If you really want to stop biting your nails it requires that you become constantly aware of what they are doing with their hands, and learn to find better ways to deal with boredom, stress, and the urge to chew, bite or pick the nail area.

Hypnosis for Nail Biting- Hypnotherapy Nail Biting

The best long term nail biting solutions will take a little time and effort on your part. One effective nail biting solution that has been established to work, and can result in long term behavioral modification which will prevent you from biting your fingernails ever again is hypnosis.

Hypnotherapy nail biting or nail biting hypnosis trains you to be more aware of your bad habits, how to relax, how to breathe and how to center yourself so the need to bite your nails will disappear. It will help you to consciously control the triggers that lead to the unwanted nail biting habit, and to create new learned behaviors. Essentially hypnosis for nail biting helps to retrain your brain to become aware of what you are doing, and you will learn how to stop biting your nail for good.  Nail biting hypnosis has worked wonders for people who are nail biters and cures them of their biting affliction.

Learn how to stop biting nails today; be more confident, and don’t hide your hands, be proud of your hands.

Kick Your Nail Biting Habit And Stop Nail Biting With Hypnosis  Learn More today!

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Stop Nail Biting

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