Phobias – Learn If Your Anxiety and Fears Are Normal – What Fears Are Not Normal?

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Phobias –  Anxiety Disorders- Are My Fears Normal?

What Are Phobias?

Everyone has them whether they choose to admit it or not, I’m talking about fears. Sometimes they start when we are very young, and never go away, other times we develop them as adults. However, every now and then our fears can go beyond being fearful, and catapult us into the realm of Phobias. These fears can become so intense and irrational creating fear that is so strong they bring on a panic attack in a person. Phobias can be quite destructive if left unchecked, and allowed to grow. They can be so intense that they obstruct a person’s capacity to socialize, function at work and in severe cases live a normal life.

Some Anxiety Is Normal And Healthy

Some anxiety or fear is normal for everyone in certain instances, but if you can’t of example drive across a bridge out of fear, can’t sleep because of nightmares, can’t ride in an elevator, can’t go into a public restroom, or have panic attacks in social situations then you need to consider some solution as your phobias are wreaking havoc on your life. Phobias can be very hard on children as well, with fears of the dark, monsters seeming to be normal they can go beyond normal and develop into situations where the child cannot attend school or leave their house.

Phobias are what is known as “anxiety disorders” and they can be divided into three basic types:

  • Agoraphobia is a fear of being trapped somewhere that help might not be obtainable. It typically involves fear of crowds, elevators, bridges, sporting events, lines, public transportation, driving, shopping and flying in airplanes. This type of fear can be very difficult for if someone has a fear of driving they may have difficulty getting to work, fear of lines could prevent someone from going to the grocery store for food, and if they have claustrophobia they may experience so much stress leaving the house that their fear takes over, and they are housebound afraid to venture outside their front door.
  • Specific phobias revolve around the fear of a specific object or situation, and could include fear of spiders, fear of snakes, fear of the dark, fear of bees, fear of  insects, fear of childbirth or other specific fears and individual might have. If the specific phobia is a rare occurrence a person’s life may not be altered dramatically, but if the fear is something encountered daily, it can mean being exposed to high levels of stress that are very unhealthy.
  • Social phobia is fear in public situations. Social phobias are more than occasional nerves or feeling shy.  People who suffer with social phobias have such a strong intense fear of embarrassing themselves they will go to great lengths to avoid situations that could prompt a panic attack. Job interviews, parties, family gatherings, public speaking, or meeting with a child’s teacher are triggers that could bring a person to a halt unable to function.

Symptoms Of Phobias

The symptoms of phobias or intense fears can be triggered by simply expecting the event or circumstance to happen, and can include some or all of these symptoms: a sense of impending doom, or disaster. Heart rates increases, breathing become rapid, feeling nauseated, feeling faint, the powerful need to flee, and sweating of the palms, face and underarms can take place.

Hypnosis For Phobias

If you or someone you know suffers from phobias (see list) there is a simple treatment option that does not require medication. Hypnosis has been proven to cure phobias 70%, with the other 30% usually requiring a combination of medication and psychological therapy. Hypnosis has not side effects, and is a safe treatment option for treating phobias. Hypnosis works amazingly well for children’s fears as they still have an active imagination and take suggestion well.
You can find a self-hypnosis MP3 downloads online that can help you deal with your phobias and fears. Treating your phobias is important as studies show that if you suffer from one phobia you have a very high rate of acquiring more phobias as years go by.


Fear the Sky

You will find a list of these phobias and many more: fear of spiders, fear of snakes, fear of the dark, fear of bees, fear of  insects, fear of childbirth