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Stress Causes Health Problems – Financial Stress

Reducing Stress To Be Healthier & Happier

Financial stress is a growing by leaps and bounds, and the proportion of people stressed about money is going up rapidly on a daily basis. This is a significant trend because financial stress is linked to physical health problems like depression and sleep problems.

With high levels of unemployment, the rising cost of gas and food, the mortgage crisis, and the new bank troubles we’re seeing, many Americans are experiencing the crunch of financial stress. Anxiety over money can negatively affect your health in several ways, so it is important to understand and learn how to control your stress before it has a chance to deteriorate your health.

It is a sad fact, but when your stress levels are soaring simple every day occurrences can turn into physical conflicts between couples, friends, family members, and other people. This can result in high divorce rates and separations between couples. Right now is the time, before it affects your health or relationships to learn how to keep a cool head and let your stress go. It can make it easier to remember that as high as your own personal stress level may be, your co-worker, your in-laws, your wife, or even your neighbor’s could be even higher.

Now is the time to stop the stress! Before it affects your health or ruins your life!

What Not To Do: Unhealthy Coping Behaviors To Deal With Anxiety & Stress:

  • Over Eating
  • Drinking Alcohol
  • Smoking
  • Drug Use
  • Neglecting Doctors Appointments & Dental Care – negligent your health can turn a small problem into a much larger one, creating more stress for loved ones and family members
  • Loss Of sleep- Can impair your immune system, increase anger issues, and impair concentration
  • Stop Exercising
  • Putting More Changes On Credit Cards

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A Few Simple Techniques To Help Reduce Stress & Anxiety

  1. Stress or Anxiety Hypnosis Cd Financial anxiety, Financial Stress, Bankruptcy, and other stress related problems can be treated with hypnosis.  Hypnosis can teach you to mentally calm yourself during times of stress by using guided imagery. This is highly effective, and can help you with other stressful areas in your life such as your marriage, job, and child rearing challenges. Hypnosis is a form of meditation that take as little as 10-15 minutes a day, to be stress free.This might sound strange, but if you would like to have more money in your life, you need to avoid being fearful about your lack of money. Hypnosis does a great job of this as you will learn to focus on what is really important (family, health, friends, what is good in your life) versus simply focusing on your financial stress, and anxieties.  Because when you are completely focused on your financial stress your thinking is not clear, and you are unable to cope with what you need to do to bring more money into your life.

  2. Get Some Exercise I am not talking about running miles, or hitting the gym every day. Walking 30 minutes a day, taking a yoga class, gardening, biking..etc are great ways to clear your mind, help you sleep better, and increase your natural endorphins which will help fight off feelings of anxiety and depression.
  3. Listen to Pleasant Musicthe right music has the capability to sooth the savage beast of stress, help you relax, and center your mind.
  4. Keep A Financial JournalLearning to write things down is the hardest part, but once you do it can change your life. Things to include in your journal: Face The Truth: Write Down Exactly Where You Are FinanciallyYour current finical situation –then write down where you want to be 1 month from now, 2 months, 6 month, and 1 year
Eradicate stress

Make A Conscious Effort To Try and get out of debt

  • Write down all your living expenses
  • Stop using credit cards – Feeling like you are already up to your neck in bills, you may develop a devil may care attitude with your credit cards piling on more charges and begin a helpless spiral of helplessness, and add even more stress to your life.
  • Keep records of the amount spent on every purchase to help not only you, but family members understand which purchases are absolute necessities

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It is important to understand that you are not alone. Financial stress is one of the primary causes of stress in Americans, and is growing as a problem in other countries around the world. If you are interested in hypnosis downloads for stress or cd’s you can click the links above. There are many ways to handle your financial situation and feel more in control of your life, by learning to reduce your stress and anxiety you are helping yourself build a more secure future

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