Reasons To Quit Smoking: Leg, Foot Pain, Neuropathy, Beurger’s disease

hypnosis to quit smoking

Reasons To Use Hypnosis To Quit Smoking

Peripheral Artery Disease, Leg Pain, Foot Pain, Neuropathy,

Beurger’s disease, and much more…..

Got foot pain, it could be from lighting up!

There are lots of reasons to quit smoking, and yes smoking can contribute too many deadly conditions and diseases, but many people are not aware that leg and foot pain can be a side effect of lighting up, and pumping those lovely cigarette toxins through your body.

You know that cigarette smoke causes lung cancer, heart disease, premature aging, impotency, and a list of other deadly diseases, but many people are unaware that foot pain can be associated with smoking.

If you are a smoker you may start to experience more foot pain than a non smoker and the reason for this pain is from inhaling the toxic chemicals in cigarettes. Many times a podiatrist can tell just by looking at the thinning skin, shiny, and discolored skin on a patient’s foot and know that they are a smoker.
Pain in the legs and feet may not be the first sign that you’re developing peripheral artery disease, but if you smoke you should take note, as leg and foot pain can be a signal that your circulation is being compromised, and your legs and feet are not getting the blood supply they need.

Consequences of Poor Circulation

When the veins that supply blood to your legs and feet become compromised and the blood flow is not plentiful it can result in:

  1. The development of peripheral artery disease. This will make you 5 times as likely to die from a cardiovascular heart disease
  2. Pain when walking or standing
  3. Numbness and tingling the beginning affects of neuropathy
  4. An inability to fight foot infections
  5. Wounds, cuts, and laceration heal slowly or poorly
  6. Cold feet
  7. Nerve damage that makes your feet numb or unable to feel sensations, and can reduce your ability to feel your feet, or pain, heat, and cold. Foot injury is much more likely if you suffer from neuropathy.
  8. Possible changes in the shape or structure of your foot
  9. Foot Ulcers on the foot, and toes
  10. Feet turn blue or reddish in color
  11. May develop Beurger’s disease – a painful disorder that involves leg pain and gangrene of the hands and feet that are very are painful, and is a result of smoking
  12. Amputation of your toes or foot
  • Reasons to quit smoking…These are just a few consequences smoking that involve your feet. If you want to see a bigger list of how smoking affects your bodyentire body take a peek Click Here

Smoking affects every major organ in the body, so if you are a smoker and find that you’re having pain, numbness, tingling in your feet you may want to rethink your smoking habit. Being mobile and pain free is vital to living life fully, so taking your mobility for granted is not the smarted move you can make.

  • Amputation may be the end result if your circulation is compromised to the point of no return.

If you are experiencing symptoms that include: sores that do not heal, discoloration in your feet, pain in your legs, and feet with walking, standing or exercising, and you smoke make an appointment with your medical practitioner for an examination.

There are many things you can try to quit smoking such as gum, patches, but going cold turkey does not work for most people. Success is determined by helping your brain wean it’s self off the nicotine. Using hypnosis to stop smoking has close to a 70 % success rate, but it does take time. It is not an overnight cure.

Many smokers find that they fail when trying hypnosis and this may be because they can’t find the time to make the sessions needed with a hypnotherapist on a regular basis.

Studies show that self hypnosis is very effective because with stop smoking self hypnosis products such as CD’s or downloads you can use them in the privacy of your car, home or work. Smoking self hypnosis downloads and CD’s don’t require you to meet with a hypnotherapist,and stop smoking hypnosis downloads are created by trained hypnotherapists who specialize in quite smoking by hypnosis techniques that work even if you have been smoking for years.

There are many reasons to quit smoking, but your health should be your first priority. Learn more about how to use hypnosis to stop smoking, or talk to your doctor about how to quit smoking as she or she may have other options as well.

Get 10 steps to becoming a nonsmoker, and start living a smoke free life today!

Hypnosis has been used for hundreds of years in one form or another. Hpynosis has been proven to help individual overcome phobias, and is far more than a parlor trick, or side show.

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