Part 2 Quit Smoking Hypnosis- Stop Smoking With Hypnosis

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Quit Smoking Hypnosis

One Of The Most Effective Stop Smoking Aids

Stop Smoking With Hypnosis Part 2

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Hypnosis is a great way to end your smoking habit. Let’s look at how stop smoking hypnosis works in smoking cessation.

Smoking is not just a habit, it is an addiction. As you read in part one of this article it is an unhealthy, and ultimately a life threatening addiction. Society as a whole has taken on a distasteful view of smoking, and it is seen as a distasteful and intrusive behavior that is difficult for people to overcome. Smoking carries over not only into our own lives, but those of our family, our friends, our co-workers, and strangers who breathe in your second hand smoke as well.

Why do we pick up that cigarette time and time again?

Now the following example does not take into account the addicting toxic chemicals that you are ingesting each time you take a puff, but this is how our brains work on a basic level.

If you have ever had a child who you are trying to persuade to give up their pacifier or their bottle you know how difficult can be to move your child forward away from something that is soothing and safe. Well, for many adults smoking is their security blanket. It is there when you need it soothing, safe, and familiar.
Why we can’t kick the habit, and quit smoking quickly is partly due to the discomfort of going through nicotine withdrawal, but also because life can be tough, and we want to be soothed, comforted and feel safe.

The Urge To Smoke

The urge to smoke can be triggered by our emotions whether they are negative as a result of a divorce, a separation, an unhappy marriage, stressful job situation, difficult childhood, and feeling like a failure, juggling school, work or family.
The urge can also be triggered by pleasurable feelings as well, and be a form of relaxation. You know the old cliché about a smoke after a sexual intimacy, well; many smokers get that feeling from taking puffs puff after puff. A sensation of satisfaction, and one puff turns into two, and the next thing you know you’ve smoked a couple packs of cigarettes in a day.

Smokers Withdrawal It Is Real

One of the top reasons that smokers can’t get free of the addiction is that it is just that an addiction. Your body has come to need the smokers high, and in response when you try to go cold turkey you can suffer through some pretty nasty symptoms: irritability, anxiety, sweating, cravings, stress, weight gain, and many people find the whole mess more than they can take.

Many people will turn to quick remedies that do not require a prescription such as a patch, gum, acupressure, and going cold turkey. Why most of these treatments and techniques fail is because they do not address what is causing you to smoke in the first place. The underlying cause is a very important component. You unconscious reasoning is a huge piece of the puzzle to solve before you can overcome your smoking habit.

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How Hypnosis Is Used To Quite Smoking

Quit smoking hypnosis involves retraining your brain to see smoking for what it is ….toxic and unhealthy to yourself and those around you is the first step. This is where hypnosis really shines. Using hypnosis to quit smoking helps you understand that yes smoking is pleasurable, but it is something that must be sacrificed for your health, and helps you build your inner strength to resist the urges that your brain and body are telling you are necessary when they really are not.

Quit smoking by hypnosis can help you develop and focus the powers of visualization, and overcoming your urge to smoke.  The ability to visualize you smoke free, and free of the harmful habit. You will be filled with energy, vitality, with money in your pocket to take a trip, or buy a new big flat screen TV.  Using quit smoking hypnosis techniques will enable you to picture, in your mind that cigarettes are unappealing, bad tasting, foul smelling and revolting.  Learning to visualize a healthier picture of yourself: with whiter teeth, fresher breath, and enjoying food, wine, cheeses, desserts with a more awake and alive taste sensitivity.

The success rate is high around 70 % when it comes to stop smoking with hypnosis, but it takes more than one session. If you see a hypnotherapist it could take a couple of months.

Is Self Hypnosis The Secret To Stop Smoking?

However, you can quit smoking by hypnosis yourself. The secret to stop smoking is by learning to use self- hypnosis stop smoking CDs or by a quick self-hypnosis download. These are tools that contain quit smoking hypnosis programs which have been especially designed to take you through the process of how to quit smoking by hypnosis, and they have been studies, and found to be most effective. They are created to be relaxing, do not require drugs, or patches, and are inexpensive. Self hypnosis to stop smoking works because you don’t have to make a hypnotherapy session with a counselor, you can do it every day in your car, on the couch in your living room, on a park bench. Having easy and ready access to your download on your MP3 player or on your computer at work is an amazing tool at your finger tips that can reinforce the program, and make it easier to stop smoking.

Smoker can quit smoking by hypnosis. The secret is stop smoking self-hypnosis, and can be achieved through a  self- hypnosis stop smoking CDs or by a quick self-hypnosis download containing programs which have been designed to take one through the process of how to quit smoking by hypnosis. It is relaxing, does not require drugs, or patches, and inexpensive.

If you are addicted to smoking and it is an addiction… I do hope that you do try hypnosis to kick the habit. Hypnosis is one of the best stop smoking aids, so go ahead and try it out. you have noting to lose and every thing to Gain!

Stop Smoking Hypnosis- Try 10 Steps to Becoming a Nonsmoker ….Start Today!

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