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Anxiety Release-Let Go
Disposaphobia (Hoarding)

Fear of Aging for Women
Fear of Anesthesia
Fear of Authority
Fear of Balloons
Fear of Bees or Wasps
Fear of Being Alone

Fear of Being Judged
Fear of Birds
Fear of Blood
Fear of Bodily Functions
Fear of Burglary
Fear of Buttons
Fear Cancer Re-Occurrence
Fear of Cats
Fear of Childbirth

Fear of Clowns
Fear of Commitment

Fear of Court
Fear of Criticism
Fear of Crowds

Fear of the Dark
Fear of Death
Fear of Dental Treatment
Fear of Doctors and Dentists
Fear of Dental Anesthesia

Fear of Dogs
Fear of Driving

Fear of Driving Test
Fear of Dying
Fear of Eating
Fear of Eating Out
Fear of Elevators
Fear of Failure
Fear of Fainting
Fear of Fear
Fear of Flying
Fear of Frogs
Fear of Germs
Fear of Ghosts

Fear of Going Crazy
Fear Of Growing Up
Fear of Heights
Fear of Hospitals
Fear of Injections
Fear of Insects
Fear of Inserting Contact Lenses

Fear of Illness
Fear of Internal Examinations
Fear of Intimacy

Fear of Leaving Home
Fear of Lizards
Fear of Loud Noises
Fear of Numbers
Fear of Making Mistakes
Fear of Money
Fear of Monsters (for Children)
Fear of Moths
Fear of Motorway Driving
Fear of MRI Scan

Fear of Panic Attack

Fear of New Places
Fear of Performing

Fear of Phone
Fear of Photography

Fear of Pregnancy
Fear of Poverty
Fear of Public Transport
Fear of Rats and Mice
Fear of Rejection

Fear Of Sex
Fear Of Being Shy
Fear of Sharks
Fear of Snakes
Fear of Spiders

Fear of Spiders for Children
Fear of Success
Fear of Talking on the Telephone
Fear of Technology
Fear of Terrorism
Fear of Thunderstorms

Fear of Touch
Fear of Travel
Fear of Violence
Fear of Vomiting
Fear of Others Vomiting
Fear of Water
Fear of Women
Fearless Flying
Fear of Gays –
Phobia Release

Fear of Riding In a Car
School Phobia
Fear Of Separation Children
Sea Sickness
Sea Sickness Relaxation
Social Phobia

Unfamiliar Surroundings
Fear of Working
Wedding Jitters

Phobia Release

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Hypnosis For Phobias


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Hypnosis My Story


“Because of Hypnosis I am free of phobias, living and loving my life again , and I want you to have this truly life altering experience too. Hypnosis is a proven phobia treatment.

…I overcame my fears and phobias,and So Can You”

I too suffered from phobias for many years.

I’d like to share with you how my two phobias developed. The first was after a scuba diving accident that left me with Claustrophobia which probably most of you know as the fear of small or enclosed spaces. You cannot fathom how many small spaces there are until you have this phobia.

If it was not for Self Help hypnosis I would still be living in fear. I can highly recommend it as a cure for phobias, because self hypnosis treatments changed my life!

My Claustrophobia

“I was scuba diving with my husband and ten other divers in the Caribbean; we had not been down very long, when my dive vest malfunctioned. I was at the back of the group when a fellow diver kicked me pulling my breathing apparatus out of my mouth, and then his fin caught the auto inflate pull on my vest, shooting me to the surface from a depth of 60 feet. I was tremendously lucky to have been down only a short time, and did not suffer any ill effects. However, I soon discovered a short time later, when I was sent for an MRI that I had developed claustrophobia. Elevators, crowds, closed in cubicles, train compartments, carnival rides, and more made me physically ill if and when I allowed myself to encounter them. This is how bad my phobia became; I broke my back, and refused treatment at the time because I was afraid of the MRI’s and having surgery in a small operating room. I now have permanent nerve damage that can never be repaired”.

My Dental Phobia

“My second phobia was as a result of my scuba accident as well, but developed many years later. I guess you could call it a dental phobia. The first occurrence happened at the dentist office. I needed to have a new crown put on my back tooth, and everything was going along fine, until my dentist put a drape covering over my face, and a dental dam into my mouth, all I could think about was my diving accident and not being able to breathe. I was choking on my own saliva, trying to stay calm, but my heart was pounding, I started to sweat, I felt as if my body was on fire, and I had the intense need to sit up and get the dental dam out of my mouth. I ended up knocking the dental tray over, and my new porcelain crown went flying to the floor. The dentist was very rude to me as I left, and asked me not to come back to his office because he did not take nut cases! I did not go back to see a dentist for another 2 years, until I was literally forced to because of more dental problems that could not be ignored.”

My Emotional and Physical Toll

I was so blessed that I discovered hypnosis to help cure my phobias, and you deserve to live your life fully and completely too – When you are suffering from one, two, three or more phobias, you spend more time managing them then you do living.

Hypnotherapy Works – Studies show that 75% of people just like you with specific phobias can overcome their fears through Neuro retraining, or auto suggestion using hypnotherapy.

Really, this is a no brainer– if you could change your life just by relaxing, and listening to a self – hypnosis CD, or MP3 download, and you would not need any medications with harmful side effects, and you would be cured of fearful thoughts

Why would you not give it a try?

I want to tell you that I did feel like a nut case, shaking and physically and emotionally drained as I left the dental office. It took me 2 years, but when my health was in jeopardy I knew I had to get control over my phobias; that is when I did a lot of research, and found how successful hypnosis can be when it came to curing phobias.

Using simple, easy and relaxing self-help hypnosis CD’sI cured my phobias in a very short time”.

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You have nothing to lose, but your Phobias & Fear!

Hypnosis scripts, and Hypnotherapy scripts, hypnosis downloads are easy to follow, convenient to use,and take minutes a day. Hypnosis DVD’s are easy to find, and use also for the car when driving. I have found that sitting, and concentrating on my hypnosis scripts were much more effective. Hypnotherapy for phobias is an effective treatment that should be used before, turning to medications. Get rid of your phobic thoughts once and for all!